When it comes to advertising your company, issuing information for customers or staff, or even relaying safety features of your organization, a corporate video production often has far more of a positive impact than a brochure, letter, online article, or speech.  You may have attended meetings in the past where half the staff is struggling to stay awake and the other half are giving that glazed over look.  It takes

Corporate video production can be a great way to effectively communicate your business, products, and services to the public at large.  There are a variety of reasons why it benefits a company to use this route instead of the alternatives.  It’s a fast paced world, and companies are striving to keep up by reaching customers in new and effective ways. With the use of a video there’s an opportunity to

Despite what you may think, your ads, and ad dollars, don’t get thrown into a void if you invest in online video advertisement. This kind of thinking comes from how we talk about commercials – we’re “forced” to watch TV ads, but we can click the “skip” button or just ignore online ads. As a result, it’s perfectly normal for an advertiser to think television is the preferable medium to


Feb 2014


At NYB Media, we strive to do more than just the standard video-by-commission. As we discussed in our last blog, a video is more than just something you slap together. Instead, it should be a perfect summary and encapsulation of who you are, what you do, and your brand as a whole. Therefore, it’s important that your video not just be an afterthought, but rather part-and-parcel of a promotional strategy


Nov 2013


CAN YOU FORCE A VIDEO TO GO VIRAL? No. No you can not. Every once in a while, you might hear someone say in a marketing meeting that “we need to make a viral video for our product.” That in addition to, or rather than, a regular commercial campaign, you should also have a video that people will e-mail to each other, post on social networks, and otherwise share among

Online video advertising is on a major upswing in Canada. According to the Videology Group, video ads have increased by almost 150% in the last two years. And from a business perspective, it makes sense. Video offers the chance to pitch directly to potential customers, packaging the strengths of your company in an engaging medium that requires little work from the viewer. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a

Whether it’s a promotional video, training video, viral video, eye-catching graphics, testimonials, seminars or event videos, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to create whatever you need.
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